Our Program

Our Program in Action


Nanyima adheres to the free play philosophy, children are free to choose any activity to participate in. Every day we offer a range of activities, both indoor and outdoor which may include any of the following: Craft, painting, collage, bead making, clay, weaving, drawing, French knitting, cooking; board and card games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary, Battleships, Uno, Connect 4, Chess, Memory, Mastermind. From time to time we have outside visitors such as KindiFarm, Crocodile Encounters, Drumbeats, Cartooning.

Other play equipment available includes large block play, Mobilo, Lego, Polydron, puzzles, Rolka blocks and a well stocked reading corner. Outside games can be self initiated or staff guided, and include handball, soccer, tip, cricket, skipping, parachute play, Frisbee.

Every day our educators update our program via Xplor Playground, you can view your child’s progress and activities in the Xplor Home app.
Below are photos from incursions, Crocodile Encounters and SEA Australia (water safety) and African Drumming.
For more information on activities, see Programming in the Nanyima Policy Document.

Food Menu

Breakfast provisions of toast and milk are offered at Before School Care. A substantial afternoon tea is provided for children who attend the afternoon session, with small nutritious snacks available as necessary. Fresh drinking water will be available at all times for the children and staff. All food provided at the centre will be nutritious and varied.
Below is an example of our afternoon menu. All meals served with fruit, water and Lite milk. The current menu can be found on the noticeboard at the centre.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 Lasagne Baked Beans Pasta Salad Spaghetti Vege Sticks
Week 2 Sandwiches Spaghetti Nachos Tuna Pasta Baked Beans
Week 3 Pasta Salad Butter Chicken Macaroni Cheese Sandwiches Tuna fried rice
Week 4 Tuna Pasta Baked Beans Sushi & Sandwiches Penne Bolognese Spaghetti
Week 5 Spaghetti Sandwiches Baked Beans Pasta Salad Nachos
Week 6 Stir fried beef Pizza Sandwiches Nachos Pasta Salad
Week 7 Penne Bolognese Stir fried chicken Vege sticks/dips Sushi Beef Udon
Week 8 Tuna fried rice Macaroni cheese Stir fried beef Butter Chicken Sandwiches
Week 9 Sushi Nachos Baked beans Soup Macaroni Cheese
Week 10 Nachos Tuna Pasta Spaghetti Beef Udon Pizza

For more information on food preparation, see Food and Nutrition in the Nanyima Policy Document.